Tuesday,November 21st  2017

Request-n-Response (Issue Tracker)

Request-n-Response was designed to help manage common issues that are a part of running a business.

Please have a look at some of the benefits: AVAILABLE FEATURES

Request-n-Response is a web based (PHP) application. Please have a look at our ONLINE DEMO.

Simple to use No complicated entry screens. Just enter a few items and you are done.
Multiple Users Supports 1 or 100 ... have more? not a problem!
Complete Control Want to change the Project/Type/Status? You have the control.
Instant Status Know the status of a project in seconds (no trading email back and forth)
Multi platform Not running Windows? We support any OS that has a browser.
Knowledge Base Provide helpful information to common questions for your users.
User Level Control You decide who has access to which information.
Search Options Need to find something fast? No limits.
Transaction Log Track the history of a request from start to finish.
Source Included **Want to make your own changes? You get the source code (PHP)


We have provided several SCREENSHOTS for your review.

Please visit our PRICING for purchase information

** Please review the DEVELOPER LICENSE version for source code details.


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