Tuesday,August 16th  2022

Request-N-Response Reseller / Developer License

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the project source for Request-N-Response(RnR).

The benefits are as follows:

Developer License

  • You get the project source. Not a PHP guru? No need to worry. We created RnR using ScriptCase PHP Framework.
  • All the ground work is done! We created the foundation .. you concentrate on making custom changes that meet your requirements.
Reseller License also provides you with the ability to label the software as yours.
  • Private Labeling. Create a new logo, change the look, sell it as yours ... the program is yours!

Why should we purchase the project source code when the PHP code is already available? We developed RnR using ScriptCase so others could easily make changes without having to learn PHP from scratch. Would you rather spend time learning a language so you can make changes, or spend this time adding new features? We use ScriptCase as we feel it is one of the best PHP generators available.


Absolutely no refunds!

We do not include a copy of ScriptCase PHP Framework. You are required to purchase a separate license.



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