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Request-n-Response - Available Features

The following is a complete list of available features provided in Request-n-Response.

Program Features

  • Simple to use interface! Dashboard intro screen fast navigation.
  • Add new requests fast and easy using pre-defined user defaults.
  • Access application from anywhere. All that is required is a web browser.
  • All dropdown field types can be fully customized.
  • Access application from anywhere. All that is required is a web browser.
  • Accessible from iPhone, Palm Pre and any other device that supports internet browsing ... it's the web!
  • Security is based on user level access.
  • Run on any Web Server that supports PHP/MySQL (support for other DB's available on request)
  • Program updates are seen immediately once you upload changes to server. No user downloads!
  • Simple Pricing Structure. Tired of getting charged everytime your company grows?


  • Comprehensive display of information at once.
  • Add requests quickly. Most fields are populated based on your user information.
  • All editors supports HTML formatting to allow for color content made for easier reading.
  • Attach images to requests. A picture is worth ...
  • All status changes are emailed to the persons involved to keep everyone informed.
  • Complete transaction history of request to track all activity from start to finish.
  • Search any field to find content quickly. All searches adhere to security settings.
  • Need to provide more information? Leave additional comment(s) to the request.
  • Response and Workaround text is display in different color to distinuish information.
  • Select from a variety of options to categorize your request. All options are user defined!
  • Keep everyone up-to-date. Tired of sending emails concerning the same topic over and over?
  • Provide the option to allow users to only view their requests. Privacy is key.

Knowledge Base

  • Provide users with answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Restrict access to posting new articles.
  • Attach images to articles
  • Editors support HTML formatting
  • Search any article, any field.

Punch List

  • Create a list of tasks that need to be performed
  • Lists are private for each user
  • Mark items as complete
  • Specify by user level if available to others

Chart Reports

  • Track request trends at a glance
  • Tech performance tracking


The following is a list of options provided the adminstrator.

User Management

  • Manage each user including security level, contact information and performance.

User Defaults

  • Configure each user with their own default settings.
  • New requests will use these defaults to automatically populate routine information.

Access Levels

  • Define Access Levels for access each module using defined User Levels. You define the User Level.

SMTP Server

  • Provide the information required to send email using your SMTP server


  • Customize all aspects from Location, Departments, Projects, Status ... and many more.
  • Provide access to Settings based on user level.
  • Instant Edit of all settings from a single screen.
  • Define the access level required to see settings option.
  • Define the order each option is displayed in popups.
  • Turn off the display of a setting in new requests while still displaying the option in previous posts.


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