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Trackfolio Asset Evaluation Software

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Trackfolio is a portfolio evaluation software program that allows for extensive evaluations.  View your client assets in a macro or micro portfolio view.  Use up to 11 different classifications to provide more extensive analysis.  Keep your client's portfolios organized and ready for viewing, printing or emailing.  

Group assets by correlation for improved diversification and portfolio risk reduction.   Construct portfolios using correlation grouped assets rather than using asset classes, which may or may not be highly correlated.  Managing risk is easier when you separate assets by correlation and use this very simple approach in your portfolio construction process.  Allows you to understand whether your portfolio is violating excess concentration rules (too much invested within one group of highly correlated assets).

Compare your recommendations to your prospects current portfolio in a side by side report with graphics.  Wouldn't it be great to input your prospects portfolio and then make adjustments by "virtual selling" some assets and replacing with new investments that improves the overall portfolio as per your prospect's real objectives?  Then show a side by side comparison of how your recommendations changed and improved the portfolio.  Many prospects tell you that they are a growth investor, but after inputting their portfolio into our program, it is clear their portfolio does not match.  It is easy to make changes and retain those changes in archive for later review.

Reporting to your clients can be simple or difficult, your choice.  With Trackfolio, every asset is classified for easy evaluation.  All classifications have a portfolio graph that shows a pie chart of the allocation.  Add notes to each asset as a reminder of a special circumstance or whatever you like.  Comprehensive reporting is available with saved reporting order along with customized disclosures, etc.  A cover page, table of contents and a disclosure page are in place for your use.

Prospecting for gold - Always add an X-date to every asset within your client's portfolio that will be maturing.  Prospect for these X-dates coming due every week and contact your client with your recommendations before he spends the money.

Mutual fund portfolios - Daily data downloads are available from third party vendor that will automatically update all your mutual funds within Trackfolio.  This data service costs approximately $15 per month and is a separate non-affiliated service.  

Asset Query Search allows user to search through entire database of clients and assets to find specific assets by criteria search.  The ability to search for assets or portfolios in a centralized location is extremely valuable.  If you input a field in Trackfolio, you may search and filter for that data.

Integrated with TrackCRM/AV - All your clients may reside in TrackCRM (Advisor Version) along with all past purchases (Trade Blotter); however your current assets are located by portfolio and custodian within TrackCRM/AV.  With both of these programs, you have it all.  

Consolidated Net Worth Statement is faster than an Excel Spreadsheet.  Trackfolio allows you to quickly input assets with minimum classifying in order to generate a quick Net Worth Statement.  

Consolidated Custodial Reporting - Trackfolio also allows for assets to be grouped by custodian for reporting purposes.  Most clients view their custodian statements, bank accounts, etc.  This custodial feature allows you to generate a consolidated report by custodian; it also groups all non-qualified assets together if you like.

Consolidate marketable securities and non-traded assets including bank accounts.  Combine your clients total assets by manually inputting all assets and updating quarterly for those assets that have changed in value.  For mutual funds, you may want to subscribe to a data service to automatically update all mutual funds within a portfolio.

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