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Trackfolio's TrackCRM

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Trackfolio's TrackCRM

Organize your customers and prospects.  In order to build a strong and growing business, you must be organized and you must build strong relationships with your customers and prospects.  Maintain all your contacts in one central location that is quick and convenient to access.  Click on a contact and view a complete history of all communications (emails, phone calls, letters, notes, tasks and events) by date.  Select and click any event in the history file to open, review or even edit.  Stop wasting your valuable time searching for documents, emails and notes related to your contacts.  Improve your productivity and the productivity of your employees by centralizing all your critical contact information.

Actionable Events are at your finger tips. As soon as you open TRACKCRM, click the Scheduler to view your appointments and conference calls for the day.  Then click Events to see every action item scheduled for today, which includes all your appointments, to-do's, to-call, incoming phone call messages and internal messages from your staff.  At the end of the day, view Events to see every action taken for the day including, phone calls made, emails sent, letters sent, notes taken, etc.  Quickly go to reports for a summary of phone call activities and results for the day.  Never again hang up the phone with a customer or prospect without scheduling a follow-up phone call or other action to continue the relationship building process.  

Be ready when you get an unexpected call from a prospect or customer. As you are picking up the phone, find the customer's name and click on All Events.  You will quickly see, in chronological order, all phone calls made, emails and letters sent, notes and other internal messages related to this person.  Click on the last phone call to review your last conversation notes with this customer.  You are always in control when you have instant memory with notes and dates!  

Assigned categories makes it easy to search and filter. Every contact within TRACKCRM should be quickly categorized as you initially input their name.  This allows for quickly searching for a certain group of contacts such as CPA's, or Attorneys or Customers.  You assign to the TRACKCRM rolodex and it's easy to search and filter.  Then you may send all these filtered contacts an email or letter.  

Ease of use is the key to using a CRM or Contact Management Program. Why purchase a program to become more efficient and productive, when it takes forever to learn how to use the program?  TRACKCRM allows you to get started using a more efficient and productive approach in short order.  It is simple and straight forward.  It may be the easiest contact management software program you have ever used.  It has the capability of a more sophisticated CRM software program or even an enterprise level CRM software program, but with the ease of use of a contact management program.  TRACKCRM is perfect for those new to contact management software and great for those experienced using more sophisticated enterprise level CRM software programs.

What about the price? As some sales people might say, "the price is the best part".  Are you tired of spending over $100 per month for a single user program?  Adding one or two additional employees gets very expensive.  And even worse, it takes a year to learn how to use it!  We decided it was time for a company to develop and price a contact management software program that was affordable, easy to use, yet very comprehensive in it's capabilities.  Our target market is small to medium size businesses and professionals that may need a multi-user license package, but would prefer to avoid "breaking the bank" ordering a license for each employee.   Our pricing is a fraction of the cost of the more highly advertised programs.  We put our money into the program and not in expensive advertising.  Our overhead is low and we are users of the program, not just distributors.  We designed, developed and will continue making improvements to our TRACKCRM Contact Management Software Program in order to provide the best value in the market.

Small to medium size firms love us. A small company with several employees would normally have to spend a tremendous amount of money for a good contact management program.  Each employee cost could be over $100 per month.  In these turbulent times, it makes sense to watch your budget.  However, a quality contact management software program can save thousands of dollars in inefficiencies or increase the bottom line by thousands of dollars a month with improved productivity.  In order to save money and/or make money, the program must work; it must be easy to learn and implement and it must be affordable.  TRACKCRM Contact Management Software delivers across the board.

Special Advisor Version - TrackAdvisor Contact Management Software is available for your advisory practice.  If you are in securities, advisory or insurance sales, you will love this customized version designed for financial professionals.  Trade Blotter is built in for quick access to past client purchases.  View an individual client history of investments or view global for all clients for any period of time you choose.  Quickly find all clients who purchased a particular investment.  TrackAdvisor is integrated with Trackfolio, an asset evaluation software program that provides portfolios of current assets for each of your clients.  See Trackfolio for all the features for analysis and reporting of your client portfolios.

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