Tuesday,November 21st  2017

Trackfolio Web Screenshots

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All information presented in screenshots were created using a random data generator.

Account Summary
Approved Products
Edit Approved Products
Asset Class
Asset Class Chart
Watchlist Items Edit
Asset Class Details
Edit Asset Class
Asset Search
Asset Types
Asset Type Chart
Asset Type Summary
Asset Vehicle
Edit Benchmark
Category Chart
Category Summary
Edit Client
Client Search
Client Snapshot
Client View
Current Assets
Edit Current Assets
Financial Class
Financial Summary
Funds Edit
Fund Symbols
Generate Scatter Data
History Chart
Home Page
Login Page
Ownership Class
Qualified Assets
Qualified Types
Rep Profile
Risk Chart
Risk Summary
Risk Ratings
Scatter Summary
Scatter Plot
Symbol History
Symbol Search
System Defaults
Update Config
Update Prices
Update Rates
User Edit
Validate Symbol
Watchlist Edit
Watchlist Items

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