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Request-n-Response issue tracker (Web Edition)

Request-N-Response System Requirements

  • Webserver (Apache,IIS)
  • PHP, MySQL

Recommend options for setting up webservers:

  • Most ISP provide webhosting options that supply this for you already. You may use any server that supports PHP/MySQL
  • Setup your own server

You are not required to install using the following packages, but they may be helpful if you are not familiar with installing a webserver manually.

Useful links for setting up your own server.

Package options:


XAMPP (Windows)

WAMP (Windows)



Request-N-Response Reseller / Developer License

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the project source for Request-N-Response(RnR).

The benefits are as follows:

Developer License

  • You get the project source. Not a PHP guru? No need to worry. We created RnR using ScriptCase PHP Framework.
  • All the ground work is done! We created the foundation .. you concentrate on making custom changes that meet your requirements.
Reseller License also provides you with the ability to label the software as yours.
  • Private Labeling. Create a new logo, change the look, sell it as yours ... the program is yours!

Why should we purchase the project source code when the PHP code is already available? We developed RnR using ScriptCase so others could easily make changes without having to learn PHP from scratch. Would you rather spend time learning a language so you can make changes, or spend this time adding new features? We use ScriptCase as we feel it is one of the best PHP generators available.


Absolutely no refunds!

We do not include a copy of ScriptCase PHP Framework. You are required to purchase a separate license.



Request-n-Response Pricing

Why do some companies charge you extra for software when you hire new employees? Good question.

It is important to keep things simple.

With this in mind, we provide several license options:

Single user 1 User 59.00
Unlimited users Site License 129.00 99.00
Unlimited users Company (all sites) 199.00

We also offer options for developers:

Developer License
Project Source Code
Reseller License
Private Label (Project)

The Developer License provides users with the project source used to create Request-N-Response. This also gives developers the right for Private Labeling. This allows you to sell the program as yours!

The Developer License is included in the Reseller License

For more details about the Reseller/Developer License, click here!

You select the option that is best for you.

Trackfolio Sales Department

Request-n-Response Screenshots

Please download the complete help file in PDF or CHM formats for more details.

All information presented in screenshots were created using a random data generator.

Browse Requests
View Request
Add Request
Edit Request
Request Response
Knowledge Base (KB)
View KB
Edit KB
Settings Example
Transaction Log
User Defaults
Edit User
User Information
Requestor Chart
Status Chart
Types Chart
Project Chart
Request Status
Request Types
Request Closures

Request-n-Response - Available Features

The following is a complete list of available features provided in Request-n-Response.

Program Features

  • Simple to use interface! Dashboard intro screen fast navigation.
  • Add new requests fast and easy using pre-defined user defaults.
  • Access application from anywhere. All that is required is a web browser.
  • All dropdown field types can be fully customized.
  • Access application from anywhere. All that is required is a web browser.
  • Accessible from iPhone, Palm Pre and any other device that supports internet browsing ... it's the web!
  • Security is based on user level access.
  • Run on any Web Server that supports PHP/MySQL (support for other DB's available on request)
  • Program updates are seen immediately once you upload changes to server. No user downloads!
  • Simple Pricing Structure. Tired of getting charged everytime your company grows?


  • Comprehensive display of information at once.
  • Add requests quickly. Most fields are populated based on your user information.
  • All editors supports HTML formatting to allow for color content made for easier reading.
  • Attach images to requests. A picture is worth ...
  • All status changes are emailed to the persons involved to keep everyone informed.
  • Complete transaction history of request to track all activity from start to finish.
  • Search any field to find content quickly. All searches adhere to security settings.
  • Need to provide more information? Leave additional comment(s) to the request.
  • Response and Workaround text is display in different color to distinuish information.
  • Select from a variety of options to categorize your request. All options are user defined!
  • Keep everyone up-to-date. Tired of sending emails concerning the same topic over and over?
  • Provide the option to allow users to only view their requests. Privacy is key.

Knowledge Base

  • Provide users with answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Restrict access to posting new articles.
  • Attach images to articles
  • Editors support HTML formatting
  • Search any article, any field.

Punch List

  • Create a list of tasks that need to be performed
  • Lists are private for each user
  • Mark items as complete
  • Specify by user level if available to others

Chart Reports

  • Track request trends at a glance
  • Tech performance tracking


The following is a list of options provided the adminstrator.

User Management

  • Manage each user including security level, contact information and performance.

User Defaults

  • Configure each user with their own default settings.
  • New requests will use these defaults to automatically populate routine information.

Access Levels

  • Define Access Levels for access each module using defined User Levels. You define the User Level.

SMTP Server

  • Provide the information required to send email using your SMTP server


  • Customize all aspects from Location, Departments, Projects, Status ... and many more.
  • Provide access to Settings based on user level.
  • Instant Edit of all settings from a single screen.
  • Define the access level required to see settings option.
  • Define the order each option is displayed in popups.
  • Turn off the display of a setting in new requests while still displaying the option in previous posts.


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